Top 7 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery for 2020

Electric bikes are popular and beneficial.
Riding an electric bicycle is more comfortable to enjoy the surroundings than a general bike.
But, investing an electric bike seems to be expensive. What should we do?
An excellent suggestion for you is to equip the best electric bike conversion kit.

Convert your bicycle with the best electric bike conversion kit

Convert your bicycle with the e-bike CK

Because you must not buy a new electric bicycle, with this kit, it will help you to convert a regular bike into an electric bike. Simple and convenient!
Let’s see:

Top 7 Best E-Bike Conversion Kits as Your Need:

Product NamePriceElectric PowerOur Rating
Electric Bike Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Crank Motor Kit$$$$750 watts4.8
Electric Bike Li-ion 20.8 Conversion Kit$$$250 watts4.4
Electric Bike Kit with Lithium Battery by Clean Republic$$$350 watts4.8
Bafang 8fun BBS02B Mid Drive Crank Motor$$$500 watts4.5
MegaBrand Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit$$$1000 watts3.6
AW 26” X1.75” Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Kit$$$1000 watts3.7
Voilamart 26” Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit for Road Bike$$$750 watts5.0

You are figuring out an excellent conversion kit for electric bike, aren’t you?
In keeping with your available bicycle,
You can be going to need:

#1. Electric Bike Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Crank Motor Kit

Electric Bike Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Crank Motor kit 750w with Lithium Ion Battery by 8fun
  • All in one kit, everything...
  • Water proof - all components...
  • RPM 135-160 - Max Torque 160...
  • 48V 12AH water bottle mount...

You are ready to pay. Your budget allows you to invest a little expensive electric bike motor kit as long as it is full and quality.
Arguably, the Bafang 8fun Mid Drive is the most suitable.
Look back on:

  • All the components are waterproof
  • The high voltage with the 25A controller
  • The pedal with three levels
  • The C961 monochrome display to online track

It can say that the Bafang 8fun Mid Drive is one of the most potent e-bike CK on the market today.
The model is produced more 1200 watts, but it only rates the normal level – 750 watts. Don’t let its name that fools you.
All in – it is no coincidence that we appreciate the Bafang 8fun as an all-in-one kit.
You almost get what to convert into an electric bike have in there, except for the 48V battery. You will have to purchase separately.
In addition to that,
This kit puts the decision in your hand. If desired, you can use throttle only or choose the pedal with multi-modes.
It is easy to install. You can do it yourself (DIY). Have peace of mind!
There are instructions to that you can follow. How? Is it good?

  • Strong electric motor
  • Work great
  • The installation is simple
  • Quiet and powerful
  • Have 9 assistance mode
  • Allow reaching up to 40 km
  • Come with too-large a front chainring
  • Have a problem with motor cutting off and on

#2. Electric Bike Li-ion 20.8 CK

Just Not Sports continue introducing another reliable another conversion kit. The price is reasonable and the quality is good enough.Well, there is the Electric Bike Li-ion 20.8 CK !!!
Consider in great detail:

  • The powerful Samsung lithium battery
  • The 40-mile range
  • Ease of the installation within 5 minutes
  • A variety of attachments: the 250W 8fun planetary motor, wheelset, 20800Mah lithium battery, charger, cable system, and waterproof battery bag

The Li-ion 20.8 E-bike CKit makes an impression on the customers, thanks to the strong power from the Samsung lithium battery.
There is just a small section.
The 8fun planetary motor reaches up to 250 watts. Coming with that, don’t forget the cable system and wheelset that is built the durable material.
The manufacturer of this conversion kit, LEED Ultra, seems to desire to bring a new level to the bikers.
You do not meet any problem when facing the steepest hills. You are to pull the kiddos. Don’t worry when riding in all weather.
It only takes 5 minutes to get the perfect electric bike. What do you concern without trial?

  • Safe
  • The motor is great
  • The installation is easy enough
  • Reach 10-12 mph with easy relaxed pedaling
  • The reasonable price
  • Don’t experience. You can take half of hour to install
  • The electric motor creates a bit of the sound

#3. Electric Bike Kit with Lithium Battery by Clean Republic

It provides the bike riders with an interesting experience with an E-bike. You can ride the 20-mile maximum.
Is the Electric Bike Kit by the Clean Republic good?
Watch out for the outstanding features:

  • The powerful motor ~ 350 watts
  • The wheel of different sizes to select
  • Made in the USA
  • The warranty is two years

Coming to the Clean Republic Electric Bike Kit, you can feel secure on the compatibility.
Because it is almost compatible with most bicycles in America; even, there is a mountain bike.
To make sure the accuracy, it would be best to measure the space of the front fork tips of your bicycle.
Packaging in the box has the cable set, tire, charger, battery, and motorized wheel.
With the weatherproof capacity, you can comfortably cycle in rain and mud. No problem!
Beyond that,
The powerful motor and battery allow you to be able to move up to 20 miles or more.
After all, this is an ideal conversion kit for the flat terrain.
If you also have this demand, add it to your shopping list right away!

  • The motor is fantastic
  • It is very safe
  • The careful ship with two box
  • Ride 35 miles on 3 different rides
  • Keep the battery going
  • The battery weight seems too heavy
  • It is not too ideal if install with aluminum forks

#4. Bafang 8fun BBS02B Mid Drive Crank Motor

Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Crank Motor 36v 500w BBS02B DIY conversion kit motor
  • C961 programmable control...
  • Full throttle in "0" PA mode

Not being a China product, the Bafang 8fun BBS02B Motor is made in the USA.

This kit has full of things you need:

  • The powerful mid-drive motor ~ 500 watts
  • The C965 control panel is programmable
  • The innovative BBS02B controller
  • A thumb throttle, wire harness, and speed sensor

Everything has been clear.
You will get a conversion kit without only a motor.
Through the programmable control panel, you can exactly know how many kilometers you have gone.
The advanced BBS02B controller comes with thumb throttle in the PA mode.
There are ten modes so that you can comfortably use for varying current draws.
That’s why:
It is excellent for your hill rides; and even, you can act as transmission.
It prioritizes to invest this kit if you recognize that it meets what you’d like to.
Nonetheless, don’t mistake it with the Auto-Ebike or Honey Dan – the Chinese companies.Just Not Sports claim that all parts in there are not in China again.
Keep in mind!

  • Over 6000 miles on the system without any problem
  • Ease on the battery
  • The motor is powerful
  • The connectors are waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Not include a battery
  • The display lacking mAh usage info

#5. MegaBrand Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor CK

MegaBrand 48v 1000w 26 Inch Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit
  • 45 - 48 KM/H top speed
  • Provides you with a whole...
  • The kit includes motorized...
  • Quiet and reliable brushless...

Are you figuring out the front wheel e-bike conversion kit?
So, there is no reason so that you deny the quality model like the MegaBrand motor conversion kit.
What is it good?

  • The 48 km/h maximum speed
  • An array of attachments: the motor controller, wire harness, motorized wheel, power brake lever, and speed throttle
  • The motor specifications in turn – 48 volts, 1000 watts, and 470 RPMs
  • The quiet and reliable motor

With that being said, Just Not Sports can recognize that the MegaBrand model is an up-and-coming e-bike conversion kit.
Instead of taking hours to set up,
Everything is simple and easy when the wheel is available a tire.
Unless it lacks the battery and charger, the package has:
The parts listed above, two-terminal box, controller bag, and manual. Promise to bring all that is the most optimal.
Being the motor, it does not have gear or brush, so it is very quiet when operating at the 1000w power.
If you need something that is both the quality and the affordable, here is it.
Don’t ignore this kit!

  • Easy to install
  • Work great
  • The price is affordable
  • High amps last longer
  • Keep voltage high under load
  • The controller has plenty of spaghetti to plug it in to
  • Don’t put a tube liner to protect the wheel from puncturing
  • The rim and spokes are not strong enough

#6. AW 26”X1.75” Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

AW 26"x1.75" Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit E-Bike Conversion 48V1000W
  • LCD Display: to show battery...
  • Pedal Assistance System (PAS):...
  • Dual Mode Controller: Motor...
  • Wheel Size: 26 Inch x 1.75...

Sarah continues bringing another optimum e-bike conversion kit in the budget that you can pay.
The AW 26” X1.75” Rear Wheel, a sufficient-good option, promises to provide the high performance after installing.
Get down to learn:

  • The smart LCD display
  • The pedal assistance system (PAS) allows cycling while driving
  • The dual-mode controller
  • The motor efficiency up to 80 percent

This conversion kit from AW has proven that the cheaper one is not certainly bad.
First of all, to show gears, mileage, battery power, speed, and time, it has equipped the LCD display. Through this feature, you can know everything.
There is still a pedal-assist bike.
Being the pedal assistance system, it allows you to be able to cycle whether you are driving an e-bike.
Even the so-called the controller,
It involves two modes – the non-hall effect and the hall one. Owing to that, contribute to extending the electric bike’s lifespan.
And it seems that the manufacturer makes use of what they have to meet the customer’s demand.
With an entire wheelset, enable you to reach the top speed ~ 45 km/h.
How? In the price range considered as the cheapest one, do you feel satisfied with the quality?

  • Very good electric motor
  • The spokes are very thick
  • The rim is double the wall and very stout
  • Silent that people do not even realize that it is electrical
  • Work fine without a pedal assist cable
  • The controller has some quirks
  • The wiring harness is not adjustable for length

#7. Voilamart 26” Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle CK for Road Bike

AW 26"x1.75" Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit E-Bike Conversion 48V1000W
  • LCD Display: to show battery...
  • Pedal Assistance System (PAS):...
  • Dual Mode Controller: Motor...
  • Wheel Size: 26 Inch x 1.75...

You just need a cheap electric bike conversion kit with battery. Of course, the quality has to be ensured.
Is there any kit?
In view of features, the Voilamart 26” Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is okay.

  • The 1000-watt powerful motor
  • The cycling-while-driving assistance system
  • The convenient LCD display
  • The various accessories

The first have to tell you that this is the cheapest conversion kit in our product list.
But, what it brings is surprising.
The powerful motor without brush and gear provides a remarkable speed – 28mph ~ 45km/h.
The max load capacity can reach up to 150 – 200 kilograms. Plus the PAS, you can cycle when riding an e-bike.
Via the LCD display, you are easy to know the settings and battery level exactly. From there, determine the right time to cut off the power for the safety.
Just Not Sports like its attachments:
A rear wheel, motor controller, pair of handlebars, LCD meter, controller bag, and more.
It is worth noting that road bike handle because not many kits attach this part.
All in all, how do you feel? Is it good enough?

  • Work strongly
  • Easy to install
  • Very smooth
  • The motor is quiet
  • Cheap
  • Balance well
  • Not come with a manual for the LCD display
  • Not ideal for some bikes that have gears and brake levers together

What Is Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit?

Electric bike C-Kits are very popular and preferred on the market today.
Each of the conversion kits often includes many different items that help to convert a normal bicycle into an e-bike.
With an electric bike, you can enjoy an exciting ride without paddling. You might even save your effort when carrying more weight.
It is important that converting this is cheaper than buying an electric bike.

How to Choose the Best Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits?

As you probably know, the more popular the models, the more different you will feel to give a choice.
There are too many options available. How to get the right investment?
How to Choose the Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Basically, you have to be noted:

Your Riding Demand & Budget

The need and budget are the prerequisite considerations before starting investing the best e-bike conversion kit.
What is the purpose of your cycle use? Road cycling or mountain biking?
Don’t forget the compatibility level of your bike and conversion kit.
What’s more, the budget also contributes to deciding the excellent e-bike conversion kit that you get.
In the price range,
The most expensive kit can be over $1800 and the cheapest one is under $250.
As a consequence, how much is your budget?

Where to Buy a Conversion Kit?

It is quite challenging to define the reliability and quality of a conversion kit if you only read reviews related to the internet sources.
Sometimes, it can lead to some mistakes.
The best plan would be to test in which you purchase the conversion kit.
Based on what we learned, most parts of the electric bicycle conversion kit have originated in Asia.
But: recommend that you should select the kits made and assembled in the USA.
Let’s first choose reliable companies to make sure the quality and customer service. From there, meet your requirement effectively.

Right Features

To get the desired best electric bike kit, it needs to have to meet your riding needs.
In particular,
What types of motor are suitable for your requirement? A geared hub motor or a direct-drive motor? How about the size of the e-bike battery?
Even, there are still the extra power, electric bike controller, and pedal-assist system.
Though the brands are different, the fundamental attachments are almost the same:
The controls, a battery, and a motor.
With the high-quality conversion kits, they consist of everything to get the optimum conversion while some only come with the essential parts.
So, if possible, you ought to compare the options to be able to own the best one.

E-Bike Reviews

It is more important to read the reviews on the product you want to buy.
In this way, you can exactly know the reputation, dependability of the product, and customer support.
If satisfied, customers will give positive feedback. You can consider investing it.
Mark our words!

Draw a Conclusion

What Sarah wanted to say is the good electric bike conversion kit with battery is easy to get once you know how to pick up and determine the right product.
Don’t afraid of the expensive something. So, you let choose the Bafang conversion kit.
What about the limited budget?
Either the AW 26” X1.75” or the Voilamart 26” is okay.
These are our suggestion. And you?


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