Best Mountain Bike Lights 2018: How to Use Properly, Safely

  • December 5, 2018

In the training process, it’s impossible to avoid the late night or rainy days practice. The absence of lights or reflecting lights behind the bike makes the road become vague. Similarly, the other vehicles can’t recognize the appearance of the bike.

Many riders have forgotten the best mountain bike light in 2018, which causes unwanted things to happen. Therefore, it is necessary to install the front lamp and the reflecting rear light.

You should equip your bike with a light to protect yourself when riding at night

You should equip your bike with a light to protect yourself when riding at night

And, what’s about further reasons?

Many people think that there is nothing to do in the darkness, especially cycling, but the fact is that darkness does not discourage cyclist athletes. Just putting the bike light and reflecting rear light and the athlete can continue to train, to achieve the speed and accomplish his goal.

Concerning the sharing of bikers, the more light beams in the front are, the more focused the riders are. They shall not be distracted by the surrounding scenery.


This is the exercise key that many bicycle athletes do not know, because the more difficult the situation is, the better the improvement of capacity becomes.

What we often do riding in the darkness for?

If you plan a ride for days with family and friends to enjoy the beautiful scenery around, night biking is a good idea. In the cool night air, under the light, all the scenery is completely different from the day.

You should definitely try a biking experience at night once in your life. Make sure your bike lights work well, not broken, because if there are bike lights, you can clearly see the road and ride with confidence.

At night,  the darkness will cover you. Therefore, to let others know your existence and avoiding the collision, you cannot lack reflecting rear bike lights. And maybe you should also choose reflective clothes, so no one accidentally hits you from the back.


Don’t hesitate any longer; make sure to install a reflective rear light on your bike, choose a good reflector so that all vehicles behind you will keep the distance safely and especially, protect yourself when riding in a mountain at night.

The Best Mountain Bike Lights 2018 helps you see everything in the front clearly and focus on your driving

Light helps you see everything in the front clearly and focus on your driving

What are the best MTB lights 2018 for us? Are there any specific names?

Let’s go straight into the reviews of top-rated best MTN bike lights we conduct. Because that’s the reason you’re here for, Just Not Sports shall go into more details and buying guide now.

The Front bike light can be divided into two main categories including to see with and to be seen lights. The first type is the bike headlight or flashlight which produce the beam of lights that the rider can see in motion. The second ones are the reflectors or tail lights to enhance rider’s visibility.

Keep moving to the first,

#1: Victagen Bike Front Light & Tail Light – Best light for brightness

This super-bright light from Vitagen is powered by a double T6 1 AMP beads. With two CREE-XML beads with 2400 Lumens, you can be confident with its lightning capability. This product offers the maximum safety for your nighttime riding by day-to-day commuting in flash mode.

Even when you plan to travel a far distance from home, this rechargeable bike light can remove your worry about light power. All you need is a USB cord and a power-rechargeable source. Besides, this bike light also comes with the External Recharge Battery which has run time of up to 4 hours.

And, is it water-resistant?

Yes, it is. This light of flat beam shape also comes with the water-resistance feature. IP65 grade can totally cover the bike light inside when it rains.

Try a Victagen light for your riding 

#2. BLITZU Gator 320 PRO USB rechargeable bike light – The best for convenient design

A super bright BLITZU Gator 

This bicycle headlight is offered with an affordable price and easy installation. With the rechargeable USB of long runtime, you can save your money and time by taking only 2 hours for full-charging.

There are 4 modes for you to choose, namely High (2hr runtime), Mid (4hr runtime), Low (6hr runtime), and Flashing (5hr runtime).

You shall be surprised at its brightness. This Gator 320 bicycle light is equipped with the latest CREE LED which can give the Ultra Bright 320-lumen output and can reach up to 300 feet beam length. It sounds great for your trip, isn’t it?


The 360-degree swivel ability and good structure are two more plus features of this model. The users can trust its practical, reliable and durable characteristics the manufacturer promise to provide.

Your conquering a mountain or many terrains at night can get easier with the water-resistance function. The grade of IPX5 can protect your light against splashing water from many angles.

For an ideal bicycle light for both day and night purposes, you shall need to choose the smart light set. The bike light set is kind of unique as it uses the daytime noticeable technology. The pedestrians can easily notice that there is an upcoming bike behind; hence it is very safe for you.

The light set is versatile because you can use it as a flashlight. This light also guarantees you high-quality service. The manufacturer focuses on its ease of installation and capacity of the water-proofing feature. Thus, this light is constructed from heavy-duty material.


  • Good daytime noticeable technology
  • A versatile bike light
  • Good structure

  • Less operating time

#3. AUOPRO Super Bright Bike Lights Front and Back – Best for long runtime as professional choice

Are you considering a light for your professional training? Please stop here. This AUOPRO Bike Light is extremely bright. It integrates with multiple settings. If you are a serious night rider, you can consider it.

With AUOPRO 1200 Lumen USB rechargeable light, the battery life is prolonged so that the operating time can be extended.

AUOPRO Super Bright Bike Light 

More details,

This cycling headlight has four settings. At high setting, there are 1200 lumens at 100% brightness that you can use for about 3-5 hours. At medium setting, it has only 600 lumens at 50% brightness that you can use for 7 hours or evenly 20 hours used at 25% of brightness. Thus, this function is really useful for bicycle athletes.

Can it be used in every terrain?

Yes, it is. All metal casing and IPX-6 design assure the led bike light set to withstand the vibrations. It becomes the ideal main light for riding on rough roads.

Is it versatile?

Definitely, it is. With ultra-bright front light and a flashing red rear light, it is a versatile and safe light set for any type of ride. You can bring it along with your riding for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, even walking dog.

#4. Bright Eyes Newly Upgraded and Fully Waterproof 1200 Lumen – Best for battery lifetime and runtime

Bright eyes are definitely happy to stock this famous product line.


Bright eyes are happy to stock this famous product line.


This Bright Eyes product has been upgraded from the former model and the latest version is fully equipped with a super-waterproofing function as well as the super-long battery that no competitor can get over.

Despite so many offers available, it is wise for you to select the best brightness function, best rechargeable capability with this product. It also becomes a popular choice for most bicycle athletes with its free diffuser lens and taillights.

Bright eyes waterproof 1200 lumens 

You can now enjoy your road trip, mountain trip at night time with the highest mode of brightness for over 5 hours and 26 hours at low brightness.

With the commitment of 01-year warranty on the battery, the manufacturer wants to affirm their products the best choice in terms of battery lifetime and runtime.

The foremost category of professional athletes is exactly service duration; no competitor can get over the Bright Eyes product.

#5. NiteRider Lumina OLED 1100 Boost LED Bike Light – Best for huge investment

In comparison with other brands above, this NiteRider product preserves a challenging rival for all.


It is the latest and the most innovative bike light that allows you to plan your long trip with complete confidence even in day or night.

Professional look of NiteRider Lumina OLED 1100 

Thanks to OLED multifunctional digital display screen, you can monitor the battery runtime by the percentage of service. By Intelli-charge™ function, you are able to reduce the charging time into half. Apparently, no rival can compete with this feature.

One more special feature included is Lumina™ OLED 1100 Boost User Guide, this can navigate the user to master the diverse riding conditions. By providing a stunning 1100 lumens and CREE™ LED at 6000k, you can customize engineered reflector to produce a generous long-distance spot and wide flood beam pattern.


The Lifetime Warranty policy the manufacturer offer also proves that they feel totally confident in their products. If there are any defects in material, components (mechanical parts), workmanship, or LEDs, they shall replace for you free of charge.

Where can we buy bike lights?

Choose the best-suited model and buy online or offline

If you do not browse the internet for bicycles supply addresses, you can ask the bicycle installer who already bought one; they will share the feel of buying a good quality bicycle light for you. See more: Let Light Up Your Bike with Best Bicycle Wheel Light

Make sure you buy the genuine product. they also help you install, without affecting the appearance of the bike.

Note when doing the installation of bicycle lights


Any bike light caught in the water will quickly break down, so a “mountain bike helmet” is required for the bicycle light to avoid such incidents.

Bicycle lights should be cleaned regularly as the dirt on the light can reduce your visibility. However, always be careful when riding because the lights can’t cover all the corners.

Therefore, the experts also recommend that you slow down in crowded areas. On top of that, if the road has many stones, you should reduce the speed for your own safety.

Whereas it will be easy to skate the bike when you go fast; when you go slow and squeeze the brake, you may suffer from light scratches but not severe injuries.

Last but not least,

Bike helmets are a must. You can’t ride a bike, especially at night without a helmet. The lack of helmet may be attempting, as bikers can feel the wind blowing through the hair and face. However, it can lead to head-banging and several unpredictable consequences.

Wear a bicycle helmet,  specialized clothing, bicycle shorts, and bicycle gloves to protect yourself on your bike ride.

Time to an end

If you’re finding the brightest bike light with the most reasonable price, should you choose Victagen Bike Light. For professional purposes, AUOPRO Bike Light shall help you to conquer bike riding tournaments.

When choosing the best bike light in 2019, you should be very cautious in making your decision. You can consider the above five suggestions of the best mountain lights selected from reviews of users.

On the market,  you shall come across many bike set lights and you may not have an idea of the ultimate choice. Hope that with the above suggestions combined with your own demand; you can choose a deserved light for your mountain trip.

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