Best Road Bike Lights 2019 for Excellent Biking Adventures

Since biking is becoming more and more popular among people all around the world, manufacturers are trying to release their most excellent road bikes to suit the increasing demands. These products can fit all of our needs as tested.

Cycling at night is not a threat now.

Cycling at night is not a threat now.

As developed, today’s bike lights are getting smaller, lighter, and more modern. Moreover, they still ensure the maximum safety and efficiency. Shopping for the best lights for your road bikes is not an easy problem though as there are so many options available on the market.

You may be wondering: How to select high-quality lights? Here you go:

Top 5+ Best light for road bike: Excellent biking adventures

Among the massive amount of road bicycle lights in today’s market, it’s not simple at all to choose the most suitable one. Don’t worry! The following list is compiled with the most high-quality best bike lights to go in line with your needs.

BLITZU Gator Bike Light Set

If you want to save your hassle and money, this bike light will be your best choice. Of course, it is surely worth its price with the quality and brightness provided. Here is what you want to know about it:

Product overview:

  • USB rechargeable headlight & fee-free tail light is included
  • Output: 320 Lumen
  • 4 modes contain flashing, low, medium, and high.
  • Swivel ability: 360 degree

Money and battery saving

With this product, your battery will never be wasted again. This light is completely rechargeable; therefore, you won’t need to replace batteries weekly. Just charge it for 2 hours and enjoy the performance it gives. You’re lucky, man!

Safety first

The package comes with a pay-free tail light and a headlight for 360º visibility. Therefore, you will be safe in all low-light conditions. The Ultra Bright LED will improve your safety and visibility instantly. Don’t be shocked by its brightness!

Multi-functional light

This versatile light is far more than a normal bike light. It can be utilized as a flashlight, car’s light, for attic and even as an emergency kit. Feel free to use it while running, hiking, jogging, camping, and during other activities.

You’ll always be in comfort with it.

Built for durability

The light can rotate all directions to shine. The one-touch release button allows the users to press the light without any further step. Constructed with a military-grade anodized finish, this light is totally impact-resistant and waterproof.


  • Safe in all low-light conditions.
  • High-quality with amazing customer service
  • Ultra-bright light


  • The front-light is a little bit bulky and heavy to use

AUOPRO Super Bright Bike Lights

If you want to grab your ultimate bike light at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place. This light ensures ultra-brightness with multiple settings for long battery life. Whatever you are, a commuter or a real night rider, you no longer have to worry about the dim light.

What makes this light that excellent? Let me tell you:

Product Overview:

  • Ultra-bright output: 1200 lumen
  • Battery pack: 4400mAh rechargeable → used for 3.5 hours
  • All metal-casing & water-resistant IPX6 rating
  • 360-degree swivel ability

Great visibility

The front light is designed with 1200 lumens which definitely bears super-bright light for users at night. Even in award lighting, you’ll be safe with the rechargeable headlamp. We guarantee that.

Good for any weather conditions

This solid light set is suitable for any weather condition. The metal-casing IPX6 design will withstand the general pressure and vibrations to ride over all roads.

Versatile application

The high-intensity road bicycle light is super bright with a flashing rear light.  They make the superb safety light set with high performance for all of your favorite activities. Master the roads now!


  • Additional battery life is provided
  • Ensure a longer riding
  • Hassle-free USB rechargeable battery.
  • Easy to remove and mount


  • The narrow beam will sometimes make it hard to see when turning around the road

Cycle Torch Bolt Combo

Designed with the fantastic USB rechargeable front-light, this product will ensure the best performance and maximum protection for your daily commuting. Challenge even the foggiest mornings, this product is definitely worth a look.

Here is its detailed information. Make sure to keep reading to discover other valuable ones.

Product overview:

  • LED: 1 x 3535 ultra-bright
  • Brightness: about 20 lumens
  • Battery: 280mAh, lithium-polymer, and rechargeable
  • High mode: up to 2.5 hours
  • Slow-flashing mode: from 8 to 10 hours
  • Pulse and quick flashing mode: 5 to 8 hours
  • 32g in weight & dimensions: 35 x 35 x 30mm

Fast recharge

Not only does it offer extra safety with maximum visibility, but this light is also rechargeable in a short time. The fast lightning speed is also provided.

With the USB rechargeable cable in the light kit, you just have to plug it in your laptop and wait for the full battery.

Easy for mounting

This light is simple to mount compared to the difficult installation process of other bike lights.Thus, you will save your time and never get angry when you can’t install it. Enjoy the ride!

Moreover, these bike lights are compatible with all types of bikes such as BMX, mountain, road, cruiser, and tandem bikes. It is no wonder why these bike lights are the universal products for all.

100% happiness guaranteed

This product will be worth your investment with satisfaction guaranteed. Multiple bicycling accessories and refund policies make you believe in the quality of the product.


  • Waterproof & dustproof
  • Offer perfect lighting for any time and weather
  • Universal fit and quick to install
  • No tool is required to mount


  • The straps attaching the lamps are extremely stiff and hard to install.

Cycle Torch Shark Bike Light Set

The next suggestion will not make you disappointed at all. This product offers you with super brightness at  a low cost but still ensures the effectiveness at night, dawn, and sunset. The amazing features make this light set are:

Product overview:

  • Light Source: CREE XML, ultra-bright T6 LED
  • 500 lumens for perfect brightness
  • Battery: 3.7V, 1 x SAMSUNG, 2400mAh Li-ion
  • 4 modes are enabled
  • Weight and size: 100 g and 33 x 43 x 135mm

Ensure amazing long riding

This top-rated front light and USB rechargeable tail light set are built for longer run time. Now, you can stop investing your money on ineffective stuffs. Start to save money and time with this one. Just a modern USB cord and recharge it to any power source.

Easy installation

With this extra visible light set, your safety will be quickly enhanced. You can also install this set to your road bike on your own without any tool. The newly designed mount will be ideal for you to enjoy the night rides.

Challenge the wet weather

The water-resistant and flat beam form make this product a one-of-a-kind purchase for your road bikes. Explore the world and the nightlife with the best brightness ever made. The LED light set is your destiny.


  • Dustproof and water-resistant
  • Sturdy & ideal for all weather conditions
  • Fit all types of bikes
  • Quick installation is supported


  • This product doesn’t support 360-degree swivel ability

The Original LED Bicycle Light Set

Here comes a brand for sports and outdoor activities that will amaze you from the first seconds. This product is guaranteed with high efficiency and protection for customers to enjoy the rides without technical interruptions. Here we go:

Product review:

  • 9.6 ounces in weight
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 1 x 1.3 inches
  • 2 micro-USB cables for charging & 2 strap mounts
  • 2 user manuals are included

Better alert for other vehicles

Both the front and back lights are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum. Therefore, they can illuminate and reflect even the most low-light roads with 800 lumens provided.

Moreover, the red-colored tail light helps alert other vehicles behind users. The bike headlight is more than appropriate for both dry and wet weather and all kinds of cyclists.

Longer and more high-quality performance

The emergency flashlight supports surprisingly huge power outages. It works as a sturdy flashlight for all outdoors activities. The special headlight with 800 lumens will ensure 18 hours of working time. So, this light is totally trusted.

Ensure the perfect protection for riders

The IPX6 waterproof feature tested will help you ride your bike under bad weather with no issue at all. The riders will be safer than ever with this accessories. Get it today!


  • Illuminate well even all darkest roads
  • Fit all cyclists of all levels and different weather conditions
  • A more durable flashlight
  • A great safety guarantee


  • The light is easy to get scratches

Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Wanna find a small guard for your riders in your cozy family? This small LED light will ensure your expected protection at night. Get ready to enjoy the wonderful nature to the fullest.

You are probably wondering: How about the light set’s features and specifications? Read on to know more:

Product overview:

  • 4 modes of lightning
  • 7.8 ounces in weight
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Water resistant level: IPX4

An advanced design

The USB rechargeable bike light set is built with a lithium battery and IPX4 water resistance. Therefore, once you ride the bike with these lights, you will never worry about the splashing water of all angles.

Featured with a one-touch switch and 4 distinctive lighting modes, you can enjoy the full brightness as you want. The convenient silicone straps are constructed with two simple openings to fit all parts of the bikes as well as keep lights firm and secure.

Longer warranty

This top-quality product comes with great customer service. You will be ensured with 100% satisfaction. If any problem occurs with this product, you can send it to the manufacturer within 18 months of warranty.


  • Versatile for any types of cycling,
  • Ensure maximum visibility and safety
  • Attach safely and firmly to the bikes


  • Poor customer and warranty service

How to choose the best road bike headlights

How to choose the best road bike lights

Choosing the perfect road bicycle lights is a big problem. It’s not all about the price but the features for your final purchase. So, what are the characteristics of the ultimate bike lights? What you need is here:

Choose something rechargeable

First, you need to prepare lights with high-output lighting systems so that you can clearly see everything ahead. Moreover, you need to choose lights with rechargeable functions to ensure maximum illumination. Go on the trails in any condition!

The rechargeable lighting systems will offer lithium-ion batteries. You can save a large amount of time and money with the battery of this product. These convenient units allow you to select your expected illumination levels. That’s cool, right?


Best Mountain Bike Lights 2018:How to Use Properly, Safely

Let Light Up Your Bike with Best Bicycle Wheel Light

Choose all if you can

Your road bikes need to be equipped with both front, rear, and side lighting. As a result, you are able to see motorists, other vehicles, and pedestrians whatever directions they come from. On rides with low light sources, these lights are a great help in the dark.

Equip your bikes with this product so that all motorists can see you in the dim-light roads. Now, you’re ready for all night riding on your road bikes.

Long battery life

Besides the features mentioned above, the long batteries are also factors for riders to consider. They support excellent power without much “low-battery” warning. It’s better to purchase the flashing light which utilizes less power than others.

The flashing headlight saves your power used in both daytime and nighttime. Choose the best-LED lights for longer run time over the dark trail roads. The longer the battery is, the better the performance you receive. Keep that in your mind!

The one which is resistant to water and dust

Well, this characteristic may be all that you need of an ideal road bike light. You won’t always ride in the perfect night time. It may suddenly rain without your expectation.

Therefore, a waterproof light is totally appropriate for riders to buy. And, something dustproof also creates favorable conditions for all of the users in even harsh weather. You may not want to clear the light each time your ride at night.

The final words,

So, what can you draw after reading all things about the top best bike lights? We hope that you can choose the awesome lights for your riding journeys all this winter. Make the right decision with our suggestions and guides above.

A high-quality bike light should be in the front and back parts of the bike. Or else, the riders will be in danger on their exploration.

Add brightness to your life now!

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