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Just Not Sport and Sarah Nguyen will help you everything about bike/bicycle.

How to begin Riding bike to repair it:

  • How To Ride Bike To Lose Weight
  • You Will Know How To Remove Bike Pedals Effectively
  • Bike Size Chart: How to choose the Right Bicycle

Compare bike as:

  • Mountain bike vs Road bike
  • Hybrid bikes vs Road bikes
Exercise bike vs treadmill

Exercise bike vs Treadmill: which helps you burn more calories?

If you are wondering whether to buy an exercise bike or treadmill, let to read this article. As we surveyed from friends and neighbors, the majority of women prefer to use a treadmill, but men and the

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Exercise bike vs Spin bike

Exercise bike vs Spin bike: What are the Differences?

Some people may find it hard to compare the differences of exercise bike vs spin bike. Both offers myriad of advantages. There are also some disadvantages when considering the features and workout intensity.

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Elliptical is one of the best choice for human in modern life

Elliptical vs Bike – Which One is Better For You?

Many researches show that: Regular bicycling can help you lose 500 kcal per hour. Therefore, if you are accumulating abdominal fat, you should spend 30 -45 minutes cycling a day. Not only does it eliminate

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When do you need to change the bike tube

Bicycle Repair Guide For New Bikers: How to Change A Bike Tube?

First, must understand what is the bike tube? Well, you know, bicycles can move because of the wheels. Bike tube is the inner part of a circular tire, made of rubber. To use it, people

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Hybrid bikes vs road bikes

Hybrid bikes vs Road bikes: Which is suitable for city tour?

Surely, If you are a bike enthusiast,  you can know that there are many different types of bikes such as gravel bike, road bikes, triathlon bike or hybrid bikes, right? Among them, road bikes vs hybrid

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How to clean bike chain

How to Clean Bike Chain: Effective with 10 simple steps

The bike chain is one of the most important parts of a bicycle, but it’s often overlooked. Keeping your bike chain clean not only allows your bike to be back its former glory but also save grease

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how to adjust the bike brake

Super easy! How to Adjust Different Types of Bicycle Brakes

Many of us, if not all, once owned a bicycle. It’s an excellent transportation because it protects the environment while giving the user a good chance to stay in shape. Though all of us might have used

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How to change bike flat tire and tube

Do you Know How to Change a Bike Tires and Read it?

When it comes to finding the right tire size for your bike, it can be a bit confusing. The bike industry standards have changed over the years, not to mention the strange mixture of millimeters and inches. You’ll

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How to measure a bike frame

Tips for New Bikers: How to Measure A Bike Frame?

Bicycling helps keep the muscles strong and flexible, make bones stronger and more active In addition, cycling also helps prevent many illnesses, such as depression, cancer, etc. How to choose a perfect

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Mountain bike vs Road bike: Which one is better?

Have you ever wondered: What is the difference between the mountain bike and road bike? Which one will help me more in keeping fitness? Have you ever get troubled by choosing your bike? Not anymore, let’s

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