Tips for New Bikers: How to Measure A Bike Frame?

  • October 22, 2018

Bicycling helps keep the muscles strong and flexible, make bones stronger and more active

In addition, cycling also helps prevent many illnesses, such as depression, cancer, etc.

How to choose a perfect frame bike?

Do we need to choose a frame of a bicycle for children?

If this question ever comes to your mind, don’t leave it unanswered.

Things to know about bicycle frames

The frame is the most important part of a bicycle. It connects and links all the parts together to create a complete sports bike.

The bicycle frame consists of several hollow tubes connected to form a double triangle or a ‘diamond’ shape.

Things to know about bicycle frames

The frame is an important part of the bike ( source from Shutterstock)

Manufacturers have been using this design for more than 100 years, despite the advances in engineering, manufacturing techniques, metallurgical engineering and scientific inventions of materials.

One of the most dynamic parts of this innovation, especially for over a decade, is the material of the frame.

Bicycle frames are usually made of steel or aluminum alloys, carbon fiber, and titanium, and in particular, they can be made of wood, plastic, magnesium or even bamboo.

How to measure a bicycle frame for Road Bike and Mountain Bike?

Well, do you know that?

There are many ways to measure a bicycle frame for the road bike, mountain bike or hybrid bike, in this article Just Not Sports will explore the two most common measures.

What tools do you need to prepare?

Well, you just need to prepare a ruler about 2 meters long. That’s all!

How to measure a bike frame by the height?

For how to measure the size of the bike frame, you need to take steps:

Step 1: Stand barefoot beside the wall.

Step 2: Measure the distance between the ground and the bottom.

Step 3: Multiply by the results: – 0.57 for mountain bikes (women) – 0.63 for mountain bikes (men) – 0.66 for normal bikes.

Step 4: The result should be divided by 2.54 if you want to get the value in inches. This value represents the size of the frame you should use.

How to measure a bike frame

There are many ways to measure a bike ( source from Shutterstock)

Besides that, if you want to answer the question “how to measure a bicycle frame” you can also apply the following:

For a sports biker, this measurement can extend from the base of the pubic bone and a hard spot between your legs, just behind the genitals.

Measure from the pubic bone to your heel down to the inside of your feet.

You will likely have to wear shoes that you use on a dedicated bicycle to allow for more accurate measurements

When you have these measurements, you may know how do you measure a bike frame.

You can compare it with the available measurements from the manufacturers, and then determine the size of the frames that may be right for you.

The frame of the mountain bike is usually measured in inches and falls between 13 and 23 inches.

Road bikes often use frames with measurements falling to 48- 53cm.

Well, now you know how to measure the size of this bike, right?

Notes when choosing a frame

You can use the size chart to select your bike size.

Look at this picture!

Frame size for biker

Frame size for the biker ( source from Shutterstock)

However, it is important to note that frame sizes from XXS to XXL do not appear in all bicycle manufacturers.

Don’t forget that:

Size indicates the current bicycle frame model size.

Besides, you should also know that:

Not only that, when you calculate the above to get an initial size of the rib size that suits you.

In any case, you should exchange experience with other cyclists with the same frame rate as you.

You will know about the reality is right for yourself or not, and this will help you determine what is the most comfortable bicycle.

Are you thinking that: how to measure a bike frame is not easy, aren’t you?

You’re right!

How do you measure the size of a child’s bike?

Do you want to know how to measure a kids bike?

That’s simple! Please note the following:

Children’s bicycles are smaller, compact and thick, specially designed for them.

Therefore, when choosing children’s bikes, you have to choose one according to the size of the tires.

Measuring bicycles for children are very necessary ( source from Shutterstock)

Measuring bicycles for children are very necessary ( source from Shutterstock)

You can measure the length from the pedal connector to the bicycle saddle, so you know how to choose the type of bicycle.

Measure your body height and leg length to select a bicycle that has a reasonable bicycle frame.

You need to measure the height of the body and the length of the foot (Inseam), from the crotch to the right foot.

Is it easy to measure a bike frame?

In summary, measuring bicycles play a very important role, affecting bikers, and you need to choose the right bicycle frame for your body.

Choosing a bicycle frame is not difficult, but you should refer to other bikers, as it will help you to choose the better frames. See you next time.

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