#MoreThanMean Shows Women in Sports ‘Face’ Online Harassment

Many women in sports are harassed or threatened online just for doing their jobs in a male-dominated industry.

So in 2016, Just Not Sports collaborated with One Tree Forest Films to create #MoreThanMean, a jaw-dropping social experiment that had real guys read real bullying Internet comments to respected reporters Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain.

The result was a viral sensation that generated nearly 1 billion impressions worldwide, media coverage across five continents, millions of video views with zero paid budget, and honest dialogue about this ongoing issue on countless media outlets.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tU-D-m2JY8


A collaboration between Just Not Sports, One Tree Forest Films and Julie DiCaro & Sarah Spain

Director: Chad Cooper, One Tree Forest Films

Creative Lead: Brad Burke, Just Not Sports

Reporters/Spokespeople: Julie DiCaro, Sarah Spain

Editor: Collin Mauro, One Tree Forest Films

Coordinating Producer: Chris Kauten

Executive Producers: Sarah Spain, Julie DiCaro, Adam Woullard, Joe Reed, Gareth Hughes

Media Relations: Adam Woullard, Brad Burke

Social/Digital Media: Joe Reed, Kevin Kilduff

Copywriting: Burke Boggio-Hair