Best road Bike Helmet Reviews

4+ Best Road Bike Helmets Reviews You Should Refer

Unlike other types of bicycles,  a road bike is a high-speed bike. Therefore,  the safety while riding a road bike is one of the most important issues which you have to consider. Whether you’re

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Useful tips to choose the best bike tires

Top 4 Best Road Bike Tires Of All Time

Have you just got into the current cycling world? If yes, you may not have enough experience to choose the best road bike tires for your modern bikes one. To help your confusion around the massive bike

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What is the quality mountain bike tire

Start Your New Journey with The Best Mountain Bike Tires

The tire takes you beating on the trails, and directly impact the way you conquer the ride! In this article, Just Not Sports will support you from the basic knowledge of mountain bike tire to the best

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Exercise bike vs treadmill

Exercise bike vs Treadmill: which helps you burn more calories?

If you are wondering whether to buy an exercise bike or treadmill, let to read this article. As we surveyed from friends and neighbors, the majority of women prefer to use a treadmill, but men and the

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Exercise bike vs Spin bike

Exercise bike vs Spin bike: What are the Differences?

Some people may find it hard to compare the differences of exercise bike vs spin bike. Both offers myriad of advantages. There are also some disadvantages when considering the features and workout intensity.

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Elliptical is one of the best choice for human in modern life

Elliptical vs Bike – Which One is Better For You?

Many researches show that: Regular bicycling can help you lose 500 kcal per hour. Therefore, if you are accumulating abdominal fat, you should spend 30 -45 minutes cycling a day. Not only does it eliminate

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What is the size bike for 2 years old

How To Choose Best Bike For 2 Years Old: Ultimate Guide

First of all, parents should learn about the benefits of bicycles to children, so you can understand the value of a bicycle to your child. Giving your kids the right outdoor biking exercise not only brings

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The Best Road Bikes under 1000

What Should Be Expected for The Best Road Bikes Under 1000?

Are you planning to invest $1000 in a road bike but have no clue what to look for? If your answer is “yes”, this guide is definitely yours. We’ve rounded up the very basic information on what road

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How to choose best mountain bikes under 300

Top 5+ Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

What are the mountain bikes? Well, do you know that: If the sports bike is for light operation, flat road, suitable for office and children, the mountain bike is suitable for those who like to conquer

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Features of best hybrid bikes under $500

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 – Ultimate Guides for New Bikers

A hybrid bicycle is a great choice if you are planning to use bicycles for daily transport such as working, shopping and for long trips on weekends. It is also suitable for those who have just become new

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