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What is a Hybrid Bike? Discover the facts about it!

A hybrid bike is a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike. Therefore, the hybrid bike is suitable for general-purpose.

Best features of both mountain and road bikes are combined in only one bike. Let’s get more information about it by going through this article.

What is hybrid bike?

Riding on a hybrid bicycle is not a bad choice, right?

What makes hybrid bike different?

Hybrid bicycles have flat handlebars, which help you to have a better view and control.

It offers posture to reduce muscle strain especially at the back and neck areas, as same as a mountain bike, rather than the drop bar on a road bike.

Is a hybrid bike good for long distance? Yes, it is. Just like mountain bikes, the hybrid bicycle is built with the upright frame so you will be more convenient on long distance.

Unlike mountain bikes, hybrid bikes got the lightweight feature and the handlebars designed for road bikes.

The gears of hybrid bicycle are designed nearly as same as the road bike, thus, you could climb and go smoothly downhills.

Hybrid bikes can be ridden on any kind of roads, from flat roads to mountain roads. It makes them one of the most ideal choices for a cyclist.

Fun fact: Hybrid bicycle is very popular in British.

A hybrid bike: 2-in-1 bike

A hybrid bike: 2-in-1 bike

Best things you can find in a hybrid bicycle

Higher Gear Ratios: Bikes that have higher gear ratios will you feel more comfortable for a long road.

Wider Tires: bikes that have wider tires will make you safer for lower speed.

Superior Comfort: Hybrid bikes have suspension seats and forks on the back and front wheel. With this system, you will feel much safer when riding on a hybrid bicycle.

Loaded with Accessories: Hybrid bikes are specifically designed to carry many things, which is an extra plus when riding long distance with a lot of stuff.

Get ready with your hybrid bicycle

Get ready with your hybrid bicycle

Nothing’s perfect, even with a hybrid bicycle

Though having many advantages as listed above, the hybrid bicycle still has some limitations.

Some hybrid bike frames won’t accept wide enough tires for the more serious mountain bikers.

Hybrid bikes have a full range of lower gears are not attractive at all

The upright frame geometry does increase your wind drag at higher speeds

The frames and riding position are less efficient in the transfer of power from your body to the pedals and the rear-driving wheel.

Is a hybrid bike good for trails?

With a good hybrid bike, 80 kilometers is a fairly comfortable daily distance.

Go go go with my fantastic hybrid bicycle

Go go go with my fantastic hybrid bicycle

How to choose the best hybrid bike?

Imagine about your ideal bike, which features it needs to have and how will you ride on that.

Check on these points before picking up a hybrid bike: size of wheels, suspension, gears, brakes, racks, and fenders.

Wheel size

Don’t worry too much about wheel size when choosing a hybrid bike. You better to focus more on which type of bike that will suit your riding style.

700c: This is the standard size wheel found on the most hybrid bike.

26 in.: Some hybrid bikes are equipped with 26 in. wheels that are smaller than the standard 700c wheels.


No Suspension: Many hybrid bikes do not include any suspension. Those people riding on the smooth road will enjoy this.

Front Suspension: Some hybrid bikes front suspension forks that help absorb impacts on the front wheel to smooth out the ride on rough roads.

How to choose the best hybrid bike

It’s so cool with a perfect hybrid bike


If you’ll be riding on lots of hills and you find climbing challenging, then you’ll want to opt for more gears.

If you’re a strong cyclist or you only ride flat terrain, you won’t need as many low gears to power up a hill so you can get away with fewer gears, which will keep your bike light

Brake Type

Rim Brakes: Many best hybrid bikes with disc brakes come equipped with rim brakes. Rim brakes feature pads that grip onto the wheel rims.

Disc Brakes: These feature brake pads that grip onto a brake rotor mounted to the wheel hub.

Disc brakes come in two versions:

Hydraulic disc brakes offer more progressive and stronger braking with less finger effort, and they self-adjust for brake pad wear.

Mechanical disc brakes need manual adjusting as the pads wear.


Hybrid bikes that come equipped with front and/or racks are generally designed for urban ridings to include trips to the grocery stores and commuting to work.

With most racks, you’ll need to purchase pannier bags separately to hold your possessions.

You can remove the racks when you don’t need them, but most riders keep them installed and ready to haul extra cargo.

Can I have this bike?

Can you have this bike?


If you’re commuting to work or running errands in everyday clothes, fenders are essential for keeping road grime and puddles from splashing up on you.

If you’re riding in a group on wet days, your friends will also appreciate your fenders, as they prevent the sprays coming off your wheels from blasting your buddies in the face.

Bike Fit

It’s important to ride on a bike that fits with and make you feel comfortable.

What is a good hybrid bicycle?

Below is a list of some of the high-quality hybrid bicycle that you should try.

Carrera Subway 2

This hybrid bicycle has powerful hydro mechanical disc braking

It’s ready to accept mudguards or a rack

A comfortable and surprisingly efficient ride

What is a good hybrid bicycle?

Carrera Subway 2

Voodoo Agwe

A simple single ring transmission

It has a comfortable, easy riding position

Hydromechanical disc brakes for decent all-weather braking

Voodoo Agwe

Voodoo Agwe

Genesis Skyline 30

Mudguards, dynamo lights and a rack included

Pleasant handles

Still has a decent value despite the recent price has increased

Genesis Skyline 30

Genesis Skyline 30

In summary

A hybrid bicycle is suitable for almost purpose: from daily riding, keep fit, or going long distance. It’s a combination of a mountain bike and road bike.

A hybrid bike will have the best features from mountain bikes and road bikes.

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